Mass Effect TV show: What we know so far

The Mass Effect trilogy represents the pinnacle of BioWare's cinematic style of RPGs even a decade after the trilogy's conclusion. So it's unsurprising that someone would want to adapt it into a film or series at some point. Amazon Studios managed to secure the rights in late 2021, and

This Fallout fan turned a limited edition mini nuke into a tiny PC

The Fallout Collector usually focuses on highlighting his impressive collection of memorabilia for the post-nuclear RPG series, but recently he tried his hand at a PC build inside the plastic nuclear warhead that came with the Fallout Anthology Bethesda released back in 2015. The tasteful fake plastic bomb is

The Fallout TV show: Casting details and the latest news so far

Hollywood has brought us dozens of visions of what survival in a post-apocalyptic world might look like, but perhaps none so iconic as the one we've gotten to explore in the Fallout games. Soon, those worlds are set to collide as Amazon Studios is already underway with a Fallout

Apple and Second Life slam Meta over fees for metaverse creators

One of the promises of "the metaverse" is that anyone will be able to create 3D items, worlds, and games and sell them to other metaverse inhabitants for real money. That plan often includes big, specious ideas about decentralized blockchain marketplaces, but right now we're talking about roughly the

Hideo Kojima shoots down Sony buyout rumor started by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has denied a rumor that Sony is preparing to acquire Kojima Productions, saying that the whole thing is a "misunderstanding" started by a tweet posted by, uh, Hideo Kojima.The buzz began earlier this week when, as noted by GamesRadar, Sony expanded the banner image on the PlayStation

How DICE redefined multiplayer, and gave up on singleplayer

DNA TracingThis article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 367 in March 2022, as part of our 'DNA Tracing' series, where every month we delve into the lineages behind iconic games and studios.  At a certain point, a name like DICE becomes ironic. The Swedish studio behind Battlefield and

The best UPS battery backup for PC gaming in 2022

The best UPS backup might never see any action, and that's probably a good thing. Uninterruptible power supplies offer a backup when things get hairy, like when a storm knocks out your power. In the event of a blackout or power surge, a UPS protects your invaluable PC components

Over 50% of Steams top 100 games work on Steam Deck

Portable PC gaming is really coming to the forefront in 2022. New gaming laptops and mobile chips are being announced, and of course there's the release of Valve's Steam Deck. The portable Switch-like gaming PC has been making waves, and Valve's already planning a Steam Deck 2.What's been equally