Jordan Peterson Accuses Qantas Of ‘Hypocrisy’ & Propaganda

Canadian author and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson sparked debate on Twitter last night, criticising Australian flagship airline Qantas’ ‘welcome to country’ message.Controversy follows Jordan Peterson wherever he goes. His fans claim it’s because he’s clear-headed and society has gone mad. His critics claim it’s because his views are outdated

One Ridiculous Thing We All Do On Long Haul Flights

Talking to your seatmate at the start of a long-haul flight (and then ignoring them for the rest of it) is quite common. But why do we do it?Human beings are social creatures. Except during long-haul flights, when we turn into tyrants and introverts (if you don’t know which

Locals Call For Sacrifice After Tourist Climbs Mayan Pyramid

A tourist has got herself in trouble by climbing Mexico’s Castillo de Kukulcán. Climbing the step pyramid has been banned since 2008. Footage of the incident shows a crowd at the bottom calling for her to be jailed. Some even reportedly chanted for her to be sacrificed.A woman has

Mega-Creep Allegedly Jerked Off In The Middle Of A JetBlue Flight

A JetBlue passenger on a New York to Detroit flight has stunned fellow passengers after attempting to jerk off at 40,000ft. Ok, passengers. Stow your tray tables, put your seats back into the upright position, put up your window shades and… put your dicks back in your pants? Though

Provocative Passenger Angers David Walliams During Emirates Flight

England/America/Dubai based TikTok user, @jmemcdonald1, seems to have irritated British comedian David Walliams by sneakily filming him while he tried to relax on an Emirates flight. Both parties were flying in first class.A brave TikTok user named @jmemcdonald1 has poked the bear by filming British comedian and actor David

‘Airbnb For Pools’ Coming To Australia Just In Time For Summer

What’s worse than the sound of other people having fun? An app that facilitates it! Swimply is coming to Australia just at the right time. But is it the great equaliser, or the great destroyer of neighbourhood serenity?An app called Swimply – basically Airbnb for pools – is coming to