Uncool Travel Experiences Are Back In Vogue

Legacy travel experiences could be making a comeback at the cost of Airbnb, some statistics suggest.Old school travel experiences like hotels are making a resurgence as newer school experiences like Airbnb appear to be idling, as we come out of COVID-19, some recent statistics shared by Skift (and The

Sydney Airport Photos Taken 38 Years Apart

Two photos of Sydney Airport, taken 38 years apart, show how one part of Sydney has changed surprisingly little since the 1970s. Sydney ain’t what it used to be (see: Vice’s recent piece: An Oral History of the Rise and Fall of Sydney’s Once-Magical Club Scene, if you don’t

The Only Commercial Airline That Has An Anti-Missile Defence System

Israeli Airlines installed an anti-missile defence system in its planes to protect them from surface air missiles in 2004. The technology has since been updated, but the anti-missile defence system is still in place. It remains the only commercial airline that has an anti-missile defence system. With everything that’s

A Closer Look At The Big F***ing Hole In That Emirates A380

An Emirates A380 landed in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday, with a big fat hole in its wing root fairing. It remains unclear what portion of the journey the hole was there for. A video now circulating on Twitter is giving people a fairly close look at the hole. Check

Hold Up, Emirates Wants Airbus To Build Even Bigger Jets…

It might sound weird in an era where the A380 is broadly considered a commercial failure (and where most airlines are going smaller, not bigger), but Emirates wants Airbus to build even bigger jets (than the ones currently filling the order books). This despite the Airbus A380 – already quite

‘Mistake To Avoid In Business Class’ Claim Sparks Debate

Points hacking expert Immanuel Debeer says you should avoid booking normal business class seats on Singapore Airlines, and instead opt for one of the 8 bulkhead spots. Not everyone agrees though, with some saying the extra space isn’t worth it, because you may have to deal with babies and

14 Best Packing Cubes For Smarter, More Efficient Travel In 2022

Looking for the best packing cubes to make travelling a breeze in 2022? You’ve come to the right place. With travel now a very real possibility for the majority of the world following the dreaded years of The Spicy Cough, there has never been a better time to invest

This Cunning Hotel Hack Makes A Sydney Staycation Feel Like Bali

Bali is 4,600km (a 6 and a quarter hour flight) from Sydney. But I recently found a way to have a tropical getaway-esque experience right here in Sydney. In the same way that betting companies sometimes message problem gamblers with credit, I recently got a message from a travel

Airbnbs Need To Stop Hustling Travellers By Not Providing Linen

Airbnb was founded in 2008, and swooped into the travel industry like an Albatross with an MBA. As of August 2022, it has a market cap of $74.89 billion. Airbnb has many benefits – it’s full of quirky properties and cool experiences you’d never get in a hotel. There’s one