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Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal Is On Temporary Hold

Musk’s missive is the latest twist in a month’s-long saga that has unfolded, tweet by tweet. The most recent episode began in March this year when Musk trolled Twitter on Twitter. He questioned the company’s commitment to free speech, raised the possibility of “de facto” bias in its algorithm, and mused about the need for another such platform.

It soon emerged that Musk had quietly become Twitter’s largest shareholder. On April 14, Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter outright in a deal worth $44 billion; the company’s board accepted his offer 10 days later on April 25.

Since then, the company has been roiled by Muskian drama as the billionaire has trolled the company’s top leadership, accused them of left-wing bias, and said that he would allow former president Donald Trump back on the platform.

Yesterday two top Twitter executives, one of whom was on paternity leave, tweeted that they had been fired by CEO Parag Agrawal.

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